Differences between PCI Express and AGP

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Differences between PCI Express and AGP

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  1. daniel

    Nowadays, computers are used for more than the normal word processing duties. Thanks to great technological advancements, computers have now been changed into devices that are used for quickening business activities and even playing games. Actually, the major reason for upgrading a machine is to obtain a better capability of handling images and images as well as to increase internet connection speeds. This article attempts to differentiate AGP from PCI Express to enable you make a better decision.

    1. AGP

    This computer part was designed primarily for meeting the increasing requirements of video cards with 3D support, which are crucial for online gaming. Most computer games nowadays contain many 3D graphics. This is a key differentiating factor between the two terms. While AGP has the capability of handling the extensive transfer of 3D images and videos, PCI Express also offers this benefit and also the capability of transferring other data forms.

    2. PCI Express

    This is essentially the bus utilized in a computer that is connected in one network together with other computers. This enables people from one machine to share documents, videos and also storage with other computers. Rather than sending data in a single direction only, PCI Express is created using new serial technology that now enables the sending varying forms of information from one pc to the next. The innovative serial technology allows this transfer of information without causing any congestion in the bus.

    Finally, these two differ in how they appear physically. PCI Express is made with specific parts not directly linked to the slots. The isolated parts are not present in AGP video cards. Additionally, AGP has a longer distance separating the bracket and connector as compared to PCI Express, which has a small space. In terms of performance, both video cards offer the user lots of benefits by making it possible to view 3D graphics.

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