Differences between Modern Art and Ancient Art

May 11, 2011 by

What are the differences between Modern Art and Ancient Art?

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  1. katrina

    Art is a form of literature that is characterized by various elements such as architecture, music, scripture and films. In the various parts of the world, art comes in different forms and interpretations, which are known to be greatly influenced by a country’s history, culture and demographics. More so, art is variably acquainted among different classifications and is deemed to be simple yet one complex form that permits expression of one’s thoughts, ideas and feelings. As the most abstract form of expression, art requires not only the skill to produce one distinct output but it also needs the passion for such type of art to explicitly be expressed.

    Over the years, it is inevitable for changes to take place. Art comes in conjunction with these changes. Thus, modern art and ancient art came to emerge and can be highly differentiated among various aspects. For one, the period of which these forms of art took place is the major difference between the two. As their names bear, modern art emerged in the late 1800s and is greatly influenced by the kind of art that emerged even before the existence of the Creator.

    Another difference between the two is on the emphasis and the characteristics. Ancient art was more typically characterized by stiffness, straight forward and frank. It was putting more emphasis on history and was known to be greatly influenced by the Church and the authorities. Modern art, however, has significantly evolved since it gave more focus on the changing times. It was more expressive and is moving towards in depth perspectives and is adequately supported by the general society.

    Undeniably, the two forms of art are evidences of how change happens. And today, art remains to be the most interesting subjects to conquer.

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