Differences between Love and arranged marriage

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Differences between Love and arranged marriage

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  1. khristine

    Love marriage, on one hand, refers to the kind of union between two individuals that is established upon attraction, affection, courtship, commitment, and mutual love with each other. In comparison, arranged marriage refers to the kind of union where the parents (or any highly respected member of the family) of the couple involved are the ones who get to choose their child’s future husband or wife. In most cases of arranged marriages, neither the bride nor groom know each other or have undergone the process of courtship before marriage.

    Depending on one’s culture and belief, both love marriage and arranged marriage can be viewed either positively or negatively. In the Western World and those that have been influenced by it, love marriages is widely accepted and practiced. On the other hand, arrange marriages are commonly practiced in the regions of Africa, the Middle East, and most parts of Asia – including East, Southeast, and South Asia).

    The practice of arranged marriage had long existed in history. It was and is popularly practiced by noble, rich, and aristocratic families throughout the world. Main purpose behind it is the preservation of family’s wealth and caste system.

    According to most studies, divorce is less likely to happen in an arrange marriage than love marriage. But this does not necessarily mean that couples involve in arrange marriages are happier in their relationship as compared to couples who entered love marriages, and vice versa. Nonetheless, couples who undergone arranged marriages are more hesitant in filing a divorce when their relationship gets sour probably because they come in traditional societies that encourages compromise.

    In the aspect of consent, parent’s consent is very important in an arrange marriage. And, there are many factors that parents consider in choosing the possible partner for their child (children) that include reputation, vocation, wealth, religion, caste, age, height, language, pre-existing medications, horoscope, among many others. In love marriage, it is the individual personally involved in the relationship that sets his/her criteria in choosing his/her future partner in life. Blessings coming from parents are highly accepted and supported but not required when marrying.

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