Differences between Dictionary and Thesaurus

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What are the differences between Dictionary and Thesaurus?

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  1. katrina

    Books are one of the most reliable sources that ever existed, ever since the time printing was discovered. Formally defined as a set of collection of written, printed and illustrated sheets that are basically fastened together, books have become the medium for most novels, journals and other literary pieces of work. Two of the most widely used resource materials are the dictionary and the thesaurus. A dictionary is basically a compilation of individual words along with the meaning of each word. A thesaurus, on the other hand, is a much like a dictionary but the meanings explain the etymological aspect of each word.

    The main difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus is their purpose. A dictionary has a primary function of giving extra information regarding gender and parts of speech of a given word whereas thesaurus gives ample information about the other words that have the same connotation as the word you are referring to.

    More so, a dictionary imparts knowledge pertaining to the words of any given language. It does not only provide the meaning of the word but it also shows how words are spelled and appropriately used. A thesaurus, on the contrary, provides alternative words to the words being utilized. In simple terms, a thesaurus gives the synonyms as well as the antonyms of the desired word.

    While a dictionary is most useful for almost all people who want to know the meaning of a word, a thesaurus is very much useful for writers and businessmen who want to construct sentences using different words to convey a tactful message.

    For the many years that dictionaries and thesauruses have been existing, it has been proven that they have contributed a lot to the production of excellent literary pieces that have influenced many.

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