Differences between Conservation and Preservation

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What is the Differences between Conservation and Preservation?

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  1. daniel

    Ecosystem preservation and conservation are both essential environmental concepts that aim at protecting our environment. However, many people usually confuse between preservation and conservation. Preservation is described as making land or an ecosystem unavailable as a result of erecting buildings or exploitation of trees for timber. Preserving an ecosystem simply refers to protecting the environment for influence, whereas conservation is maintaining, improving and sustaining an existing ecosystem.

    1. Method of approach

    Though both cases aim at protecting wildlife and natural resources, the two terms have major differences that I am going to share with you. For starters, conservation measures are attained after thorough research by specialists like biologists who can determine the most appropriate steps to protect the ecosystem. On the other hand, preservation banks on a non-domineering approach. You simply protect something by erecting a fence to keep it safe.

    2. Use of resources

    Although both these terms aim at safeguarding the already diminished resources for future generations, conservation allows the use of resources on a small scale. In contrast, preservation requires a non-domineering approach which means there is no usage of resources. In other words, conservation allows for better use of resources but preservation allows the use of limited resources and is better if we want to protect our future generation.

    3. Convenience

    To conserve something means keeping resources for future use. Therefore, conserving something is the act of protecting architecture or natural resource for use by future generations. On the same point, preserving is the act of safeguarding something from harm. For instance, if you want to preserve a vast land, it is prudent to erect a fence so that the land becomes inaccessible. This simply means that preservation measures require capital, but conservation does not.

    We can conclude that conservation is better, especially when it comes to protecting unused land.

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