Difference between Whale and Shark

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What is the Difference between Whale and Shark?

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  1. khristine

    A whale and a shark are both marine animals but differ with each other in a lot of aspects.


    Whales are marine mammals that belong under the family line of Cetaceans. There are different species of whales that include beluga whale, killer whale, pilot whale, sperm whale, humpback whale, and blue whale just no name a few. A blue whale is in fact the largest of all the animals that ever existed on Earth.

    Sharks, on the other hand, are categorized as fish under the superorder selachimorpha. And among the many species of sharks that existed, tiger shark, mako shark, blue shark, hammerhead, and the notorious great white shark are the most popular of them all. These apex predators ranked first on top of the underwater food chain because of their inborn skills in hunting.


    Whales have hair in its body and breath-in air through its blowhole(s). Whales are bony. It has a vestigial pelvic bone, a spinal column, and a heart with four chambers. Whales are also warm-blooded, have mammary glands which it uses to nurse its young, and receive sound through its throat.

    A shark’s body has no bone. It is only filled with cartilaginous skeleton and is highly streamlined. The most prominent physical feature of a shark is its teeth that are naturally embedded in its gums and are replaced continuously throughout its lifetime.


    A newly born whale is called “calf” while its mother is referred to as “cow”. And normally, a whale cow delivers one calf with its tail coming out first to reduce the risk of drowning. A whale is also known to nurse its young until maturity, it cooperates, teach, learn, plot, and even mourn with fellow whales.

    A shark, then again, can reproduce from 2 to more than 100 young in every reproductive cycle. And it exhibits three ways to carry its young depending on the shark’s specie that are either through viviparity, oviparity, or ovoviviparity.

    Whales and sharks are amazing sea creatures that have differences which cannot be summarized in just a few words. Others include factors such as diet, behavior, ecology, and much more

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