Difference Between TEFL and TESOL

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What are the differences between TEFL and TESOL?

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  1. katrina

    In various professional courses, there are those that require one to take board examinations while others are immediately proclaimed to be professionals, after they have graduated. More so, most board courses require certification tests to be duly accepted as professionals, such as nurses, teachers, lawyers and doctors. However, these circumstances vary from country to another. More importantly, there are countries which require one to take tests to prove that they know the primary language being spoken, especially to those individuals who are foreign to the country, desiring to work or study. Two of the most commonly taken types of tests are TEFL and TOSEL.

    TEFL is the abbreviation of the Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL is one test that appraises an individual whether or not he or she is able to teach English effectively. TESOL, on the other hand, means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language. This test is taken for those who aspire to know English, basically for the reason that English is not their native language.
    Apart from the different purposes of the tests, TEFL is more often taken in Britain while TESOL is common in the United States.

    In addition to the differences being identified, TEFL differs from TESOL by the mere fact that only foreign students or individuals take the TEFL certification test while those who do not recognize English as their primary language take the TESOL.

    More importantly, TEFL and TESOL differ in teaching methods. TESOL focuses more on common usage of English language in speaking and listening. TEFL, on the contrary, gives emphasis on all aspects, which are reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities.

    Until today, TEFL and TESOL tests are taken by many individuals to particularly aid them in communicating and understanding the English language.

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