Difference between Table and Figure

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What is the Difference between Table and Figure?

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  1. shiela

    Presentation of data can be very complicated if these are all written in text form. The reason why there are tables and figures in a report is to let the readers understand the presentation by just looking at the information. Visually, tables and figures differ a lot. Here are the distinct differences of tables and figures.

    The format is the main difference of the two. A figure may be presented in drawings, photos, illustrations, graphs, diagram, image, etc. while a table is a presentation of data using rows and columns.

    Tables have grids where the numbers or words represented. The grid has rows and columns and each column or row has title or heading. However, tables can’t show relationship. It merely presents information in a simple manner. Figures, on the other hand, may come in different forms. It can be in graph (pie or bar), chart, illustrations, drawings, or photos. A figure can interpret a lot of things. It can present relationship, inform, show, and illustrate data which are difficult to explain in writing.
    Another difference is the labeling. Tables are labeled as Table I, Table II, Table III which is presented in Roman Numerals. Labels for tables are written at the top. Figures are labeled as Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3 which are presented in Hindu Arabic numerals. Labels for figures are written below.

    Tables and figures are usually seen in research paper, academic paper, and reports. These helps vary the presentation of data from the usually paragraph form. Using tables and figures, it’s easy to analyze information because the data are well-presented.

    Tables and figures are very important because they help explain and interpret information which is difficult to explain in words. By using tables and figures, data are presented in a simple way and more logical way.

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