Difference Between System Software and Application Software

Mar 15, 2011 by

What are the differences between System Software and Application Software?

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  1. katrina

    Computers have become one basic necessity in the lives of most individuals nowadays. From the bulky computer monitors and poor memory capacity CPUs, technology has evidently made remedies for life to be more convenient and less stressful. Thus, laptops and portable devices have gradually emerged through the course of time. However, despite such obvious changes, it has always been a fact that hardware and software are two vital elements of any computer system. Within the context of software, there exist two types that are essentially utilized for the entire system to function. One is the system software and the other is application software.

    System software is basically the main the functional system of every computer program. It contains the basic functional units such as the program files, system services, basic configuration units, system back-ups and main drivers. Application software, on the other hand, is one part of the computer program that permits the access and utilization of various available applications made compatible to existing computer units and programs.

    Apart from their difference in definition, system software and application differ in function. While the system software is installed together with the installation of the operating system for the unit to optimally function, application software will only be installed once the required of the desired application are met.

    Another difference between the two softwares is their visibility to the users. It is but typical for users to interact with the application being installed since such softwares are created to provide activites for users. System software, however, does not function in this manner. It more often takes the back seat and quietly functions on its own.

    Although such subjects are quite foreign to most individuals, such elements are vital to truly experience the life in technology.

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