Difference between Scotland and England

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What are the differences between Scotland and England?

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  1. katrina

    United Kingdom is one nation that largely comprises the European continent. Undeniably enriched in culture, history and geography, United Kingdom has been well recognized and appreciated by both the native and foreign individuals that reside and visit the place. Of the many places that are found within the country of the United Kingdom, there exist two famous parts that unceasingly invites people from other various countries. These regions are Scotland and England. Scotland is geographically located in the northern part of the country whereas England dominates the southern part of the country.

    Although Scotland and England are located in one same nation, these two regions bear significant disparities and divergences that make them distinct from one another. For one, Scotland possesses a climate opposite from what can be experienced from England. While the climate in Scotland is cool, humid and fresh, the kind of climate that can be experienced in England is somehow warm, dry and temperate.

    Apart from geography and climate, Scotland and England can be well differentiated in terms of people and culture. The Scottish people are known to be loyal, friendly and have great love for its country. They basically respect their traditions and are known to be lovers of sausages and the hard liquor of whiskey. The English people, on the other hand, are highly athletic, full of humor and respectful. They love the concept of simplicity and are natural loving individuals.

    Despite the variances being recognized, Scotland and English are two great regions that make the United Kingdom one interesting nation. Apart from that, these two regions highly influence and empower the nation to become greater, bigger and more influential as they continue to develop and improve into one united country bearing distinct yet interesting and fascinating facts and features.

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