Difference between Samsung Galaxy S2 (Galaxy S II) and Galaxy S2 Mini

May 12, 2011 by

What are the differences between Samsung Galaxy S2 (Galaxy S II) and Galaxy S2 Mini?

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  1. katrina

    Samsung is one prominent electronic company in most countries of the world, which basically came from the intellectual prowess of a large family, native of Korea. From the simple desire of establishing a small business, it gradually boomed and bloomed into a large corporation, tapping various different aspects and areas but all highly related to developing electronics and communications. And today, Samsung is definitely famous for producing high-end mobile phones and gadgets. Two of the most interesting products that Samsung made to be available worldwide are Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini.

    One of the basic disparities between the two is their up-to-date status. Samsung Galaxy S2 is the primary basis for the production of its mini version, Galaxy S2 Mini. In this light, it is quite obvious that Galaxy S2 Mini is much more updated and improved compared to Galaxy S2.

    Apart from bearing disparity in size, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 Mini differ in internal features. One of which is in camera pixels. Although Galaxy S2 Mini is the latest version, it only has 5 megapixels whereas Galaxy S2 has a great capacity of as much as 8 megapixels.

    In addition to that, Samsung Galaxy S2 mini is much advantageous in size and weight compared to Galaxy S2 Mini as such product is handier and more comfortable to use. More so, the former has more advanced features and more applications can be easily downloaded into the unit.

    While many gadgets and devices are slowly emerging, Samsung remains to be one highly respected company as they have paved ways in keeping the advancing technology alive and always on the go. Despite the disparities these two products bear, they both gain equal interest among individuals.

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