Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S and Apple Iphone 4

May 5, 2011 by

What are the differences between Samsung Galaxy S and Apple Iphone 4?

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  1. katrina

    Over the passing of years, the world of technology has evidently grown into one influential circuit that made living somehow quite easy and convenient to handle. Despite the ongoing crises that most countries around the globe are experiencing, people still enjoy the basic comforts of living by getting hooked with what technology has to offer. Because of this high demands, mobile companies have emerged simultaneously one after another. and two of the most famous companies are Samsung and Apple. Since they began existing, these two moved along with the changing times and are now always on the competition. Today, Samsung has its own version known as the Galaxy S while Apple has its iPhone 4.

    Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone 4 obviously possess distinction from one another. For one, Samsung Galaxy S is well supported by and Android operating system while Apple’s iPhone 4 is supported by its own type of system.
    Apart from that, Samsung Galaxy S differs from iPhone 4 I terms of the features each kind has. In Samsung’s Galaxy S model, it only has a maximum of 16 gigabyte memory but it can be expanded externally using a microSD card. In Apple’s iPhone 4, on the contrary, it can reach up to a maximum of 32 gigabyte but the fallback is that it can no longer be expanded unlike Galaxy S.

    More so, Galaxy S and iPhone 4 bear disparity in display resolution. What made iPhone 4 more demanded than Galaxy S is because of this feature. While iPhone 4 has a display resolution of 640×960 pixels, Galaxy S only has 480×800 pixels.

    But regardless of the differences they bear from each other, the products made by Samsung and Apple are truly the best of its kind.

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