Difference between Rural and Urban Areas

Aug 25, 2011 by

What is the Difference between Rural and Urban Areas?

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  1. jewanah

    In terms of human settlement, which one do you prefer; an urban or rural area? To help you see how these areas are, let’s sort out the difference between the two. Basically, urban settlements are those in the cities, towns and conurbations thus it has high population density. By comparison, rural settlements are those located outside of towns and cities having an agricultural characteristic. How does an area be considered urban or rural? The answer varies from nation to nation since they have various gauges when classifying a certain locality. But most of them determine it under the category of population density and land use. When a certain location is called a rural area, typically people are used to the simplicity of life having their own traditions and beliefs. It seems like the society is moving in a steady state and is not so modern and open. In most cases, its development is based on natural vegetation and availability of livestock whereas urban settlements are highly advanced than rural areas in terms of civic amenities, transportation, socialization, business and education. In that sense, urban areas are reckoned to have a better standard of living. These two areas are too far different from one another. While rural areas dependents on what nature could provide in terms of day to day living, urban areas gain most of the benefits from the innovations in science and technology. Every day is always a busy day, especially in business , and people work hard even during late nights compared to rural areas wherein the day is already over until sunset. Still, it will all depend on your own preference. When you want a more peaceful environment without having to worry about pollution and traffic, rural areas could be a better place for you. It has always been a competitive life living in a place like an urban settlement.

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