Difference between Red and White Wine Glasses

Jun 26, 2011 by

What is the Difference between Red and White Wine Glasses?

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  1. katrina

    Wines come in various ages, colors and textures.. As greatly affected by the natural ingredient found among wines, usually from fermented grapes, wines are placed in specific containers or glasses to coincide with the properties and characteristics that each uniquely possess. However, for most common individuals, glasses do not give any impact to the consistency and taste that wines naturally possess. But for those who are very particular, wine glasses bear significance to the kind of wine being poured.

    While red and white wines share a common fact that they come from the natural chemical elements of grapes, the glasses they are being poured into bear obvious distinction. For one, red wine glasses differ from white wine glasses by their appearance. Red wine glasses are usually short-stemmed with a large bowl whereas white wine glasses appear to be slender with narrowing bowl.

    In addition to that, red wine glasses are shorter when placed side by side with white wine glasses.

    Apart from appearance, red wine glasses bear disparity from white wine glasses in terms of the purpose of their form. The reason behind the short stem of red wine glasses is that the manner of how the glass is handled can vary. It can either be on the stem or the bowl. The large bowl is due to need for red wines to adequately be exposed to air. For white wine glasses, on the other hand, they have long stems because they must be held on the stem to prevent any alterations in the taste of the wine in the glass. Its narrow bowl is due to the purpose of keeping the taste of white wine intact.

    Regardless of the differences, red and white wines remain to be authentic over the changing times.

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