Difference Between Recruitment and Selection

May 4, 2011 by

What are the differences between Recruitment and Selection?

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  1. katrina

    In almost all organizations, institutions and establishments, there is always a need to look for employees who are qualified and apt to do the job or task being offered. Two of the most vital parts in the controlling phase of management are the recruitment and selection. For many people, these two terms bear no difference from each other. Thus, it can be evident that they are interchangeably used. However, in the actual sense of the terms, they are of distinction.

    Recruitment is the process of being recognized as a company and applicant and establishing a contact between the two. Selection, on the other hand, is the process of choosing those who possess most of the qualities being sought for.
    In most instances, selection usually employs the processes of screening and interviewing to be able to know the applicant, in depth while recruitment sends off people to apply for jobs, of which they think are suitable for those searching for work.

    Apart from the methods being employed, recruitment and selection primarily differ in purpose. Organizations make use of recruitment to establish a certain work that will suit the applicant’s capabilities or talents. On the contrary, companies will utilize the selection process to fit a person to the job being offered. Only until then will the skills be developed or improved.

    In terms of characterized, it is quite evident that the process of selection entails the use of contract between the employee and the company while recruitment does not necessarily make use of contracts.

    In this light, it can be implied that selection is a more formal method of attracting employees compared to the recruitment technique. However, until today, these methods are widely utilized to basically hire individuals, even if most people do not understand their distinction.

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