Difference between Queen bed and king bed

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What is the Difference between Queen bed and king bed?

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  1. khristine

    The main distinction between a queen and a king bed is primarily its size. Rule of thumb is that King size bed is much bigger and a bit expensive than that of the Queen sized bed. However, the sizes and terminologies of beds differ depending on location.

    In North America and Australia, the standard queen size bed measures 60” x 80” (152cm x 203cm in UK and Ireland measurements) in width and length. In UK and Ireland, queen size is a little bit smaller and it has a measurement of 60” x 78” (150cm x 200cm). In Continental Europe along with Latin America, it measures 63” x 79” (about 160cm x 200 cm).

    In terms of king size beds, North America has a standard bed size of 76” x 80” (193cm x 203cm) while Australia has 72” x 80” (183cm x 203cm). UK and Ireland (again) shares the same measurement that is 72” x 78” (183cm x 198cm), in addition to Latin America and Continental Europe that measures 75” x 79” (190cm x 200cm) in width and length.

    However, in North America, there is a bed that is much bigger than that of king size. It is known in various names as Super King, California King, Western King, West Coast King, Cal King, or WC King and it generally measures at about 72” x 84” (183cm x 213cm) in width and length.

    Again, it’s the size that matters. Either big or bigger sizes of beds both can be advantageous and disadvantageous at some point. Bigger beds are not ideal for smaller rooms as it can occupy a lot of space. Sometimes, it is also a problem to place the furniture inside the room because of its size.

    But brushing these problems aside, bigger beds provide more sleeping space and comfort. A Queen Size bed is ideal to sleep in for two regular sized adults while King Size beds are for larger people. King size beds are also ideal for parents who co-sleep with their children.

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