Difference between Quartz and Granite Countertops

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Difference between Quartz and Granite Countertops

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  1. daniel

    There is an unending debate in the countertop market as to the best material for making countertops. For a very long time, granite countertops were the most preferred and almost all countertops are produced using this particular material. It has even become the standard for attaining a modern and durable finish. However, with the recent introduction of quartz countertops, consumers are spoilt for choice. Learn the differences between granite and quartz countertops further below.

    1. Porosity

    Quartz is less porous in nature as compared to granite. This means less opportunity for water as well as other materials will enter a quartz surface. When such unwanted materials go through a countertop’s surface, they become trapped easily, which suggests infection due to cross contamination. Thus, a quartz countertop is tougher against stains and bacteria than a granite countertop.

    2. Durability

    Even though both granite and quartz are regard as highly durable surface, quartz countertops are deemed as more durable as it appears to be next to diamond with regards to sturdiness and scratch resistance. In fact, quartz comes in a close second with a tolerance of 7 while diamond is generally ranked at 10. Granite has a lower rating as its durable component is only approximately 50%, but quartz countertops are made using 92% of pure quartz.

    3. Appearance

    Granite countertops are more visually appealing than quartz countertops. Even though quartz products can be made to provide an extensive mixture of colors, a granite product possesses natural color formations and patterns. Moreover, quartz countertops come with solid uniform colors.

    In conclusion, you may have to reseal your granite countertops after some time such as yearly. However, for all quartz countertops, such a service is not required. As such, it is much easier to install and start using quartz countertops than granite countertops.

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