Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative

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Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative

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  1. daniel

    There are two main approaches that you can use when describing a certain event, object or person. When describing anything, your terms will fall into 2 segments, quantitative and qualitative. Find out how you can differentiate the two terms from this article.

    1. Meaning

    Qualitative talks about specific qualities a person or an object has. A quality may be an attribute or a property that is possessed by that object. It is utilized for describing what an object is basically like. In brief qualitative properties are subjective and they cannot be measured definitively. In contrast, quantitative means the exact quantity linked to a person or object. A quantity refers to anything that is measurable. It means the magnitude or amount of object that is being described. Hence, quantitative qualities can be measured definitively.

    2. Examples

    To enable you understand these differences better, you can take a look at some of the examples of the two terms. Qualitative descriptions include things like fascinating, beautiful, sparkling, dark, hard, boring, colorful, angelic and wonderful among many others. These are all factors that are immeasurable. Contrastingly, some of the terms that are said to be quantitative include long, large, few, near, fast, short, cold and hot among others.

    3. Uses

    Quantitative terms are prevalent in fields where there is a great need for precision. Scientists strive to discover the exact quantities of specific objects. For example, how fast particles travel in the accelerator. Additionally, engineering also uses quantitative terms since it also demands precision. In contrast, qualitative terms are present in most literature works like poetry. In literature, these terms may be used for describing the look and feel of a certain situation. Qualitative terms are utilized in adverts as well.

    Hence, qualitative terms are things that are immeasurable and are only experienced. In contrast, quantitative things have to be measured first before they can even exist to people.

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