Difference between Progress and Development

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What is the Difference between Progress and Development?

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  1. daniel

    Development and progress are amongst most confused words because of how close they are in meaning. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand what both words mean so as to use them effectively in your sentences. Explained below are the differences between development and progress.

    1. Meaning

    The term progress provides an idea of forward movement, whereas development may not necessarily provide the notion of movement. In consequence progress is defined as onward or forward movement targeted towards a certain destination. However, development is not used for implying forward movement. In some cases, progress normally indicates a form of improvement towards completion or closure.

    2. Function

    When used in a sentence, progress provides the extra sense of continuing. A great example is listed here. The match is progressing. Conversely, development is normally used for representing the instance of advancement or the act of being improved. Hence, development always shows a specific growth stage or advancement. When used, it talks about a circumstance or an event.

    3. Uses

    Development can be used in some senses also as showed in these two sentences. ‘The picture was developed later on’ and ‘the piece of land greatly developed in a few years’. The term development in the aforementioned sentences conveys additional sense. This means that in the foremost sentence, it provides the notion that the picture was processed later. In the other sentence, development offers a notion of improvement in amenities and facilities in that piece of land.

    4. Other differences

    Development generally signifies something created or something that became more systematic, bigger or elaborate. ‘The town developed very quickly’ provides the notion that the town became more systematic and fuller in its structure. Progress illustrates the direct places where advances were made as shown in this sentence. ‘Great progress was made in the technological field’.

    Development and progress should thus be used using accurateness to ensure that you communicate correctly.

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