Difference Between Primary Research and Secondary Research

May 4, 2011 by

What are the differences between Primary Research and Secondary Research?

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  1. katrina

    Research is one important aspect in almost every field of study. May it be in the scientific context or in the general sense, research remains to be one vital process that can pose significant effects to the subject of interest. Although research is not as easy as it seems, it has been made easy by the earliest researchers, who evidently devoted their time in modifying structures and formulating equations and formulas that will aid future researchers in completing their work with less time and effort. One of the most significant modifications done by researchers of the early years was the categorization of researches to be conducted.

    As researches were classified, the two most basic types of researches are primary and secondary research. Primary research is the type of research where in the researchers themselves, gather data from primary sources. Secondary research, on the other hand, utilizes references which were already gathered by previous researchers or experts.

    Basing on their definitions, primary research is conducted by employing the concepts of interview, observation, and personal encounters. Secondary research, on the contrary, more commonly utilize the presence and existence of books, journals, articles and anecdotes, made by other people.

    Apart from the identified disparities, primary research is said to be more reliable, detailed and elaborate compared to secondary researches. This is because secondary researches contain varied data while primary researches often results from hard work, lots of effort and dedication.

    And the most basic distinction between the two is their duration. Primary researches usually take longer to conduct compared to secondary researchers mainly because primary researches do not rely on already laid information.

    Even to this modern day, both primary and secondary researches are conducted, especially by those who possess higher levels of curiosity and inquisitiveness.

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