Difference between Pokémon Diamond and Platinum

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What is the Difference between Pokémon Diamond and Platinum?

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  1. khristine

    Next to the “Mario Series”, Pokémon is Nintendo’s second highest rating and profitable video game-based media franchise that was ever created. From its first Pokemon game release “Red” and “Green”, now it has evolved a long way to “Diamond” and “Platinum” as its latest version.
    And if you are an avid Pokemon gamer/follower, you might be interested on few details with regard to the differences between Diamond and Platinum editions.

    Released in 2006, Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl) in actuality is a fifth installment in the fourth generation of the Pokemon RPG series. In 2008, Nintendo released an “enhanced remake” of the said Diamond and Pearl edition which is now called Pokemon Platinum.

    In terms of aesthetics, the characters Dawn, Lucas, and Pearl from Diamond are wearing a different outfit in Platinum. They are now wearing winter attires as the setting of the Platinum edition is in a fictional district of Sinnoh that is characterized with snow-covered mountains and frequent cold temperature. The Poketch was also revamped with a new look and a new way in choosing applications. And, important characters like Pearl, Gym Leaders, and Galactic Leaders have sharper and improved close up images besides their newly added animated sprites.

    The long list of differences also includes: altered battle layout in color and shape, additional animations for certain attacks, order of the gyms have been shuffled, additional side quests and reoccurring characters, new places like Distortion World and Match Place (in Survival Area), an improved Battle Frontier, random appearance of trainers in Pokemon Centers near front desk which you can actually battle, remodeling of some places like Canalave City and Celestic Town to name a few, an additional 59 more pokemon which can be added to the Sinnoh Pokedex, a new indispensible item known as Battle Recorder, and much more.

    In general, Pokemon Platinum has made a lot of changes as compared to Diamond which can be seen in the aspects of the game’s aesthetics, map, obtainable pokemon, game play, and even in storyline.

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