Difference Between Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

Jun 4, 2011 by

What is the Difference Between Poison Ivy and Poison Oak?

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  1. katrina

    Health has always been one vital aspect in the living existence of man. In almost every activity that man engages into, health remains to be one of the paradigms that is considered and stabilized before any form of pursuance is done. One most common disease that targets the skin is known medically as contact dermatitis. However, in lay man’s term, such disease is termed as allergy, particularly manifested as rashes, evidently when there is contact from an identified source. Two most frequent causes of contact dermatitis are poison ivy and poison oak. For the majority of the population, these plants are similar and bear no unique distinction from one another.

    However, although these two plants have sprouted from the same family, the species they come from are different. Such fact is the basic disparity between the two. Apart from the main discretion in the species they come from, poison ivy and poison oak share divergence in other aspects.

    For one, poison ivy and poison oak differ in terms of appearance. While others disregard such difference, those who have a very keen sense of observation can notice that poison ivy appears to have leaves that have broad shapes and with some notches at some parts of its edges. Poison oak, on the contrary, bears such name since they resemble the leaves as that of an oak tree.

    Another discretion one can find between poison ivy and poison oak is their way they grow and propagate. Poison ivy can be distinguished from poison oak since it has the ability to crawl as vines while poison oak commonly grows as a simple shrub.

    Despite the thin line of differences being identified, treating the allergies from these kinds of plants are vital in preventing complications to occur.

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