Difference Between Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine

Jun 11, 2011 by

What is the Difference Between Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine?

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  1. katrina

    In today’s modern era, transportation is considered to be one of the basic necessities in order for man to carry out the daily activities of life. As transportation is deemed to be significant, it is but vital that the mechanisms of how vehicles of transportation are initiated and maintained, to basically transport individuals from one location to another. Over many years, cars and other transportation vehicles have been backed up by two famous kinds of fuels. These are the petrol-operated engines and the diesel-operated engines.

    The major disparity between petrol engine and diesel engine is typically in their action. Petrol engine typically acts by initiating the combustion with the need of having a spark plug. Such plug is needed in order for the engine to start. Diesel engine, on the other hand, acts by utilizing the natural process of fuel compression for combustion to begin.

    Apart from the difference in action, petrol engine and diesel engine differ in terms of effect to the vehicle’s function. Diesel engine is known to function with higher efficiency, especially in terms of fuel usage. This can be supported by the fact that diesel enhances lubrication and does not destroy the consistency of the engines function. Petrol engines, however, obtain the capacity of being light and permits drivers to handle vehicles at an easier and more convenient pace.

    Another difference is that diesel engines consume lesser amount of fuel and does not contribute much to rate of pollution whereas petrol engines are easily used up and is evidently known to contribute to the level of pollution in the atmosphere.

    Today, many drivers prefer to use diesel-operated engines due to its cheaper cost while others prefer to use vehicles operated by petrol engines since they optimize their functioning level.

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