Difference Between Passport book and Passport card

May 4, 2011 by

What are the differences between Passport book and Passport card?

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  1. katrina

    A passport typically resembles a book obtained from one government office, the Department of Foreign Affairs. Passports are often applied for by individuals who are in the hopes of traveling outside one’s country, may it be for work, vacation or permanent residency. The application of passports, for the first time or for renewal, may vary from one country to another. This aspect greatly depends on the kinds of laws and regulations being implemented and practiced I such country. For first time applicants, there exist a passport book and a passport card.

    Although some people coin such terms to mean the same thing, a passport book and a passport card vary in some particular aspects. The most common and basic difference between the two is their period of use. It is quite evident that the passport book has long existed compared to the passport card.

    Another identified difference between a passport book and a passport card is their limitation use. While passport books can be used in any forms of travel, passport cards can only used when one opts to travel by land or by sea. Therefore, traveling by air cannot be accommodated when in possession of passport card.

    In terms of physical appearance, passport card is more handy and convenient to carry anywhere due to its small size while passport book is quite bulky and lengthy. In addition to that, passport books are issued for a much higher cost compared to obtaining a passport card.
    And finally, passport books differ from passport cards in terms of release date. Usually, passport books are released earlier compared to passport cards.

    But despite their minute disparities, passport books and cards are essential documents that plays one vital function, especially when traveling bounded outside one’s native country.

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