Difference between Noise and Music

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What is the Difference between Noise and Music?

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  1. shiela

    Everyday, we hear different sounds. Some of these are relaxing. Some are annoying. However, what makes all the sounds special is the fact that it is an indication that we can hear and be able to appreciate the beauty of the world.

    Sounds may come in different form. It can be music or noise. These two differ in many ways. Music is pleasant to the airs while noise is irritating. This is because music has pith and harmony so there is rhythm and proper use of tempo. For noise, it is something that is too loud or too piercing to the ear. This is because noise has no harmonic combination tones.

    In a musical tone, there are multiple combination of sounds which have rhythm while a sound becomes a noise if it has many frequencies that are not rhythmically related. Musical instruments produce music if the tones used are properly arranged. However, these instruments can also produce noise if there is no timber, texture, dynamics, and pitch.

    Music is always pleasing to the ear while noise is unpleasant because of the irregular wave form. A good example wood be the drumbeats. If there is proper tempo, rhythm, and volume, the sounds from the drums become music but if the drummer just beats whatever he likes, it becomes bothersome to the listener.

    Another different of the two is the use. Music is an art while noise is unwanted sound. It is useless. If a person is studying while listening to the music, the music may be considered as a motivation to absorb the information being studied. For noise however, it will only distract the studies.

    How each person identifies a sound whether it is music or noise may also vary. For a person who loves to listen to rock music, he can consider that as pleasant to his ears. A person who loves classical music, he may consider rock songs as noise because the loudness and the singer’s yells might irritate the person.

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