Difference between Need and Needs

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    Although these two words seem similar, they are totally different when you look at their usage when constructing a sentence. Need is defined as a condition that requires relief, for example, ‘’They have no need of you to get the job done’’. Alternatively, need also refers to something that is important or essential as shown in the sentences below.

    * You need our help immediately.

    * The room needs thorough cleaning.

    * She needs to come tomorrow.

    You can also use the word need when you don’t want something.

    * We don’t need your help.

    Or to express obligation or necessity

    * She need not have cared.

    * need I repeat the action?

    ‘’Needs’’, on the other hand refers to something that cannot be avoided or required as proper or useful.

    For example, we can’t do without the basic needs to survive. Man can’t live without essential services and goods such as shelter, water, food, education, sanitation, clothing and health care. The term ‘’needs’’ is also used extensively in the health care industry to express basic health amenities, housing, education and other essentials necessary in life.

    According to the choice theory, humans are fueled by five essential basic needs namely fun, freedom, power, belonging and survival. In other words, humans can’t survive without the basic needs since they are part of life.

    As mentioned earlier on, needs cannot be avoided. You can’t survive without basic commodities like food and water. The verb ‘’needs’’ therefore is expressive of something unavoidable such as food and shelter.


    1. Need is termed as a condition or state that requires immediate relief. ‘’We have no need of them to complete the project. The word ‘’need’’ is also expressive of something essential or important.

    2. The verb ‘’needs’’ refers to something that is unavoidable. For example, we cannot live without basic items necessary for survival such as food, clothing and shelter.

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