Difference between Motorola Pro and Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2, Model GT-I9100)

Apr 6, 2012 by

Difference between Motorola Pro and Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2, Model GT-I9100)

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  1. daniel

    Samsung Galaxy SII and Motorola Pro are two Android phones that have unique features. Motorola Pro is fitted with a handy QWERTY keyboard that can greatly improve typing speed. It is a well-liked feature for people who like to type long texts and emails. The only demerit of this keyboard is the fact that it consumes more space. Hence, Pro is heavier and larger compared to Galaxy SII. Furthermore, Galaxy SII has a much larger 4.3” screen, contrasted with the small 3.1” of Motorola Pro.

    1. Processing power

    The Pro is quite behind with regards to the overall processing power. Whereas Galaxy SII has two processors, the Pro just has one processor. Despite this fact, Motorola Pro performs very well when running most of the essential apps. However, Galaxy S2 definitely offers a benefit in this area, particularly when running several applications at once.

    2. Camera

    The Galaxy S2 features greater cameras compared to Motorola. In fact, Motorola Pro does not have a video camera at the front. Besides having a good secondary camera, Galaxy SZ also has an enhanced primary camera of 8MP compared to the 5MP on Motorola Pro. Hence, Galaxy SII has the capability of shooting a 1080p, which is actually the resolution used by current high definition televisions. In contrast, Motorola Pro can only shoot at 480p.

    3. Storage

    Storage is a very important feature in any phone nowadays and both devices come with sufficient storage and additional memory cards. However, it is notable that Galaxy SII has higher internal memory contrasted with Motorola Pro. In fact, you can purchase Galaxy SII in either 32GB or 16GB models whereas Motorola Pro just has 8GB internal memory.

    In short, Galaxy SII is much more advanced and slimmer compared to the somewhat heavier and less complex Motorola Pro.

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