Difference Between MIS and DSS

May 4, 2011 by

What are the differences between MIS and DSS?

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  1. katrina

    In the vast world of Business Management, there exist a set of terminologies that only those who are well acquainted in the subject can understand and explain. MIS and DSS are just two of the many aspects contained within the light of Business Management. MIS is the abbreviated form for Management Information Systems while DSS stands for Decision Support Systems. For the common people, such aspects do not possess variances, basing on the fact that they are both come in systems. But by their names itself, it can be noticed that they bear differences from one another.

    Management Information Systems can be defined as a set of linkages that comes with the ability to improve the line of communication already established in one business company or organization. Decision Support Systems, on the other hand, is well acquainted with managing the people comprising business establishments and institutions.

    Apart from that, MIS and DSS differ in focus. While MIS focuses on the development and build up of communicating network existing in various business firms, DSS puts more emphasis on the type of leadership being employed in businesses.

    More so, most people well acquainted with Business Management claim that DSS is people-oriented and are more concerned with the task of performing critical decision making. MIS, on the contrary, are more concerned with methods of adequately handling information.

    In this light, it can be concluded that DSS motivates the MIS to function optimally and efficiently. DSS therefore, serves as the backbone of MIS, as they each function in conjunction with the other.

    Because of the vitality of function that each of the systems possess, Business Management has evidently emerged into one successful subject that employs the development of its purpose as well as those that carry out such functions.

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