Difference between Medicare Part A and Part B

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What is the Difference between Medicare Part A and Part B?

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  1. shiela

    Getting old can offer many risks especially to our health. Good thing there is Medicare to take care of our needs when we grow old. Medicare is a health insurance program intended for people 65 years and above. Medicare has 4 parts. Part A and B covers hospital and medical insurance, Part C and D are additional parts that usually cover prescription drugs. Below is an explanation and comparison of Parts A and B.

    Medicare Part A and B differ in features. Benefits for Part A are automatic. This means that once you enroll for Medicare, you enjoy the coverage of Part A without paying premiums. Part A covers hospitalization, therapies, home health care services, and medical equipment for disables. Part B is option al. If you want to get additional benefits, then you need to pay for that. Medicare Part B is called Supplementary Medical Insurance because it covers more than what Part A can cover such as chemotherapy, hormonal treatments, doctor’s services, etc. Part B is not compulsory unlike with Part A.

    In terms of payment, obviously Medicare Part B is more expensive because there is an additional payment called premium. However, if you think you need more health assistance when you reach 65 years old, it is better to enroll for Part B for security reasons. For Part A, people who have Medicare don’t need to pay any premium because the amount is already paid while he/she is working.

    Part A is called hospital insurance since the coverage is mostly on hospitalization while Part B is medical insurance because it covers outpatient care, supplies, and services.

    Enrolling for a health insurance is a wise choice since getting older may mean more risks in health. Once you have your Medicare, you are assured that you will be in safe hands in case something happens to your health.

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