Difference Between Map and Globe

May 3, 2011 by

What are the differences between Map and Globe?

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  1. katrina

    Earth is the only planet among the entire solar system that supports life. As one of the essential properties of the planet, it does not only support the living organisms but as well as the land and water forms that exist. In lieu of the Earth’s complexities, many illustrations have been made to display the image of the Earth in its entirety. Over time, two illustrations have been produced that has evidently been found to be sufficient enough to provide the needed geographical concept of the Earth. Thus, the map and the globe became widely used in schools, offices and other geographical and educational institutions.

    The major difference between the map and the globe is their representation. In a map, the Earth is represented in a two dimensional image while the globe represents the Earth in its exact form, as in a three dimensional structure.

    Another difference between a map and a globe is their features. The map basically provides information on routes, either lands or sometimes seas. The globe, on the contrary, is more particular in graphical and geographical information such as giving information regarding regions and areas of accurate location and distances and directions.

    And finally, maps and globes greatly differ in convenience. Maps are more commonly imprinted on paper, making it convenient for one to carry it anywhere. The globe, on the contrary, cannot be carried anywhere because of its three dimensional image. Its spherical shape makes it one solid structure that deprives one the convenience of carrying it anytime at any place.

    Until today, many educational institutions have enforced the use of maps and globes because of the vital information it provides. More so, maps and globes have become helpful not just to students but to the general population as well.

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