Difference between Lycan and Werewolf

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What is the Difference between Lycan and Werewolf?

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  1. khristine

    If you are a Harry Potter fan or have watched the third installation of the movie titled “Prisoner of Azkaban”, there are two prominent characters in the film that differentiates a lycan (Sirius Black) and a werewolf (Remus Lupin). Both characters on the film turned into a wolf-like creature with the latter possessing a human form and the former more of a dog-like being.

    So what are the differences between a lycan and a werewolf? Here are few of the details:

    In actuality, there is no such word as “lycan”. It was popularized only in movies, specifically “Underworld”. It is believed to have been derived from the word “lycanthropy” which refers to the ability of a person to transform into a wolf-like creature and acquire wolf-like personality. It is said to be a variation of a werewolf. Lycanthropy comes from the Greek word “lykanthropos” or “wolf man” in English language.

    Werewolf (or man wolf) on the other hand, is a folklore that has old English origins. They are closely linked with curses, witchcraft, and a part of religious practices. In movies and other fictional stories, being a werewolf is like a disease, a virus which can be transferred once bitten.

    A lycan is said to have the ability to transform into a wolf-like creature any time they want regardless of the presence or absence of a full moon. Contrarily, a werewolf’s transformation is limited and conditioned only by full moon itself, and the transformation is uncontrollable.

    In terms of appearance, the differences between a lycan and a werewolf is often times interchanged either the former having a human-like figure and the latter more dog-like, or vice versa. But a lycan is said to be more intelligent than a werewolf, while a werewolf loses its human awareness once it transformed into a creature of darkness.

    A lycan can be killed by severing its spine from the body according to some sources. Whereas, a werewolf is said to be fearful and can be cut or killed by a silver object especially to the heart or in its head.

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