Difference Between Love and Lust

Jun 4, 2011 by

What is the Difference Between Love and Lust?

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  1. katrina

    In today’s modern era, there are more than a number of ways words are being understood and interpreted, especially that technology has evidently and continuously makes an impact to the society. Two most commonly concerned words that cause confusion among many individuals are the terms, lust and love. For the modern populations, mostly comprising of the young and the new generation, these terms more often are treated as one and the same. However, studying them in depth makes them distinct from one another. Differentiating the two is one vital process since it separates the significances of the words.

    One of the major differences between love and lust is basically their nature. While love is deeply rooted into the cores of one’s heart, lust can have a variety of sources such as money, body and power.

    Basing on the nature of the words, one can find obvious that love is one virtue that enables each and every individual to be worthy of respect and life. Lust, on the contrary, is more focused on the physical or material possessions or attributes that one can gain from the other.

    More so, love is one universal attribute that entails all the other virtues when such love is recognized to be genuine, true and evidently unconditional. Lust, however, is more of a conditional aspect that puts greater emphasis on sensuality and a much greater concern for temporary things.

    In this light, it can be concluded that while love is one unconditional, valuable and true virtue that can never be taken away nor be vanished, lust is merely a sense of pleasure that can diminish over time and can easily be lost.

    These two words are vital since in today’s highly materialistic world, even love has been equated with material things

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