Difference between Kosher Salt and Sea Salt

Nov 19, 2011 by

Difference between Kosher Salt and Sea Salt

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  1. daniel

    Sea salt and kosher salt are commonly used for cosmetics and cooking purposes. Even though both types of salts are extracted due to seawater evaporation, there are many ways in which these two kinds of salt are unlike.

    1. Additives
    Both sea and kosher salt comprise of approximately 97% sodium chloride. Nevertheless, the key difference lies in the additives used in these salts. Sea salt normally consists of several additives to make it unique, whereas kosher salt does not contain any additives. Calcium and magnesium are added during production of sea salt. This gives sea salt a unique taste in contrast with kosher salt.

    2. Nature
    Kosher salt may be said to be unrefined in nature, whilst people refer to sea salt as refined. Hence, kosher salt possesses pure and unchanged sodium chloride, but sea salt comprises of sodium chloride along with other additives. This means sea salt provides additional nutrition, but kosher salt does not possess any extra nutrition.

    3. Crystals
    When considering the crystals of both kinds of salt, you will find that kosher salt boasts of bigger crystals in contrast with sea salt. Furthermore kosher salt crystals have a platelet shape, but sea salt crystals are pyramid shaped. Since kosher salt crystals also possess a bigger surface area as compared to the crystals of sea salt, they therefore occupy more space. This means you will require a larger container for storing kosher salt.

    4. Moisture absorption
    The other prominent difference is seen in how the two salts absorb moisture. Kosher salts win in this respect as they can absorb more water than sea salt. That is why kosher salt use is prevalent when curing meats.
    Finally, the price of these salts also differs. Sea salt generally is much more costly in contrast to kosher salt. This price difference is caused by the disparity in how the two salts are prepared.

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