Difference between Kangaroo and Wallaby

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Difference between Kangaroo and Wallaby

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  1. daniel

    Wallaby and kangaroo are two easily mistakable animals. One certain thing is that these lovable animals are members of Marsupial family. This means that they both carry their young in their inbuilt pouches. Additionally, they are both considered like an important part of Australia’s wildlife. To be able to tell these two animals apart, it is best to learn about the features that are distinctive to these two animals.

    1. Size

    A noticeable factor that differentiates these two animals is essentially their size. In general, a kangaroo has a bigger size as compared to a wallaby. Kangaroos can reach a height of close to eight feet, whilst the maximum height of a wallaby is a mere 24 inches.

    2. Weight

    Asides from the size difference, a weight difference can be seen in the aforementioned animals. It is only natural that kangaroos are much heavier than wallabies. In fact, kangaroos can reach an amazing weight of 91 kilos, whilst the wallaby only weighs 24 kilos.

    3. Structure

    The hind structure of these two marsupials is also greatly different. The kangaroo’s ankles and knees are much further apart. In contrast, the makeup of the wallaby’s legs is much more compact. Hence, kangaroos are made for running quickly on open and flat terrain. In contrast, the compact leg makeup of a wallaby is built for strength so as to ensure the animal easily maneuvers within densely forested regions.

    4. Body coat

    Wallaby boasts of a brighter and flashier body coat that has a unique sheen. This wallaby coat is also accessible in three different colors. However, the coat of a kangaroo only has dull colors like gray or brown. The kangaroo coat is also more uniform.

    Remember that kangaroos are heavier and bigger, whilst wallabies are normally lighter and shorter. Furthermore, kangaroos are faster but wallabies are stronger.

  2. Ally

    Kangaroos are big and fast. Wallabies are smaller and stronger

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