Difference between Islam and Judaism

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Difference between Islam and Judaism

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  1. daniel

    It is good to understand other denominations so as to better treat our counterparts and thus promote world peace. You may be even surprise that despite the fact that we all have varying religions, we actually have similar beliefs in many areas of life. Below is a discussion on Judaism and Islam, while considering their major differences. Jews practice Judaism, while Muslims practice Islam.

    1. Islam

    Islam generally means total submission to Allah. This particular religion follows all the teachings present in the Holy Quran, which provides the instructions of Allah. Islam also follows all teachings of Prophet Muhammad.
    Individuals who study Islam are called Muslims. This means the people who submit themselves to Allah. Muslims regard their denomination to be a complete and universal monotheistic faith. Additionally, the follow 5 Islam pillars, which are essentially the duties that join them like a community.

    When considering other religions, Islam is very large and it is actually second to Christianity. It is largely predominant amongst Arabs in North Africa, Asia and Middle East as well.

    2. Judaism

    This religion is founded on the ethics and principles present in the Tanakh, which also called Hebrew bible. Judaism is thought to have begun during the time of the agreement between Abraham and God.

    Jews throughout the globe might practice varying kinds of Judaism; however the focus still remains on the core beliefs. The main belief is accepting oral and written Jewish Laws, or Torah. Judaism also teaches about divine revelation.

    Traditionally, all Jews who are living in Islamic lands are provided the opportunity to fully practice their denomination. There might be some certain conditions imposed in specific instances. This has led to the creation of an intricate relationship between Jews and Muslims. In effect, Jews are generally considered as inferior people in Islamic states.

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