Difference Between Islam and Christianity

Mar 28, 2011 by

What are the differences between Islam and Christianity?

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  1. daniel

    The close relationship between Christian faith and Islam has now become a matter of concern. With the ongoing political clashes in Palestine and Iraq, the explosion of Islamic extremist is certainly an issue of concern. Aside from that, let’s discuss the major differences between Christianity and Islamic faith that center on the Supreme creator.

    1. Jesus’ identity

    While Muslims believe there is one supreme creator as Christian, they don’t believe that the creator is three individuals. According to the Qur’an, Jesus is not three different people in one, but is considered a great prophet. In contrast, Christians believe that God manifested himself to us as a human.

    2. Death

    Since Jesus is a great miracle worker, Muslims do not agree that such a great man could be ashamed and crucified. So the Qur’an claims that the supreme creator, a prophet of the people did not die as noted down in the bible, but instead Judas took his place. God made him resemble Jesus so that he could pay for betraying him. According to the Christian faith, Jesus was ridiculed and shamed to save mankind from sin.

    3. Judgment

    According to Islam teachings, ‘falah’ is the only way to escape the wrath of God on Judgment day. Falah simply means positive achievement and self-effort. Judgment depends whether Allah will pardon your transgressions. This is contrast to the Christian faith where followers have the obligation to repent their sins to win Gods favor.

    4. Nutrition

    Christians are not conscious when it comes to nutrition and what foods should be eaten. Islam, as a religion on the other hand considers certain foods as unhealthy. For example, Muslims don’t drink alcohol or eat pork under any circumstance.

    Ultimately, we can conclude that Islam and Christian faith are different but share minor similarities. To assume they are identical is patronizing and absurd to both religions.

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