Difference between Internal Hard Drive and External Hard Drive

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Difference between Internal Hard Drive and External Hard Drive

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  1. daniel

    External hard disks and internal hard disks are two kinds of devices used for storage purposes in most computer systems. The hard disk stores the program files, operating system and other information that the user requires. Each computer is already fitted with its own internal hard disk, which is available in varying capacities. Users can opt to purchase external hard disks later.

    1. Mobility

    Generally, if a computer has adequate storage space, then there is essentially no requirement for external hard disks. However, due to increasing internet threats, most people now use these exterior hard disks. Such hard drives provide the benefit of mobility as users can carry their data with them from a certain region to another. It also allows easy sharing of information.

    2. Size

    External hard disks come in varying sizes and they are considered like peripheral devices. They are generally kept close to a computer and the connect using a chord so as to enable data sharing. There are even portable hard drives of much smaller capacities like iPods and pen drives. These are normally used for carrying data instead of the main purpose of data storage. Furthermore the creation of high large multimedia files like HD videos has caused that individuals have to store huge data amounts, which necessitates the external hard disk.

    3. Turning off

    You can turn off external hard disks by simply unplugging them if you do not need them. In contrast, it is impossible to do turn off internal hard disks as it normally involves shutting the whole machine down. Users prefer keeping their sensitive data and other items in their external drives like the backup copy. This provides important data from going missing when the system crashes.

    Both hard drives are important in computing. The internal hard disk is used for storing the normal computer data, whereas the external hard disk increases the size of data storage through providing an additional space.

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