Difference Between Indian Banks HDFC and ICICI

May 4, 2011 by

What are the differences between Indian Banks HDFC and ICICI?

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  1. katrina

    India is one country that has evidently paced up in terms of history, culture and economy. Tracing back on India’s history, it can be known that such country is greatly embellished and remains to be filled with rich content. More so is the country’s culture. Ever since the time immortal, India is most popular for its radiating culture, along with its interesting people. But the aspect that has been witnessed by many, rising from ground below is India’s economic status. Over the years, India has learned to develop and improve the country.

    Along with these developments is the emergence of banks that help India establish a stable economy. HDFC and ICICI are two privately owned banks that stand above the rest of the banks in the country of India. For many years of their existence, they have evidently established names that are well recognized by many as efficient providers of banking services, particularly in addressing the demands of the people.

    One of the major differences between HDFC and ICICI banks is their location. While HDFC bank is only within the boundaries of the countries city, ICICI can be found in various places in India as well as in other countries, making it convenient and more accessible for consumers to avail its services.

    Another difference between the two is efficiency. Studies have shown that HDFC has grown into one successful financing establishment compared to the growth rating obtained by ICICI. However, ICICI has proven to be efficient in networking among banks. Thus, it earned its title for being the largest bank in India.

    Regardless of their discrepancies, HDFC and ICICI have obviously made great contributions to India’s thriving economy. Their existence has truly helped India bloom and boom amidst the various strife and struggles.

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