Difference between HTC Sensation 4G and T-Mobile G2

Nov 5, 2011 by

Difference between HTC Sensation 4G and T-Mobile G2

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  1. daniel

    HTC Sensation and the G2 are two Android powered devices from HTC that are available exclusively to T-Mobile. The G2, which was unveiled in 2010, has been certified by Google. This means it has unrestricted access to every mobile application created by Google. The HTC Sensation was released in 2011 and it has been highly popular amongst consumers.
    1. Design
    The G2 has both a touch screen and slide out keyboard while the HTC Sensation has the candy bar design. The keyboard on the G2 is made nicely to accommodate accurate and fast typing. It also features trackpad and swype as well. Nevertheless, HTC Sensation is lighter than the G2 since it does not have a physical keyboard.
    2. Memory
    HTC Sensation has 768MB RAM for a fast phone experience, while the G2 only has 512MB RAM. Nevertheless, HTC Sensation only has an internal memory of 1GB, even though it is expandable. In contrast, the G2 comes with 4GB internal memory together with an 8GB SD card in the device that is expandable to 32GB.
    3. Operating system
    Using the most recent Android platform called Gingerbread, along with the innovative HTC Sense user interface; HTC Sensation offers a great user experience. This new user interface improves the homescreen with its 3D effects and it has also built-in instant capture feature. Conversely, the G2 comes with Android Froyo. It offers the benefit that all Android OS upgrades are sent directly to the phone.
    4. Camera
    HTC Sensation has two cameras whilst the G2 only has one camera. The front camera of HTC Sensation is 1.2MP and the back one is 8MP. For the G2, a 5MP camera has been fitted at the rear that features LED flash.
    With its powerful camera and appealing user interface, HTC Sensation makes the better option to use as compared to T-Mobile G2.

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