Difference between History and Prehistory

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What are the differences between History and Prehistory?

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  1. katrina

    Words are most often bear powerful impact, particularly when they are used in sentences to convey essential messages. History and prehistory are just two among the numerous ones. History and prehistory is one of the most vital elements that comprise each and every country. For some, history and prehistory have the same meaning. However, these two are obviously not similar. It is quite evident that prehistory took place even before history happened. Basically, this remains to be the major disparity between the two.

    Prehistory is the term that is used to denote the time before any forms of recording and documentation were known. Experts have claimed that prehistory denotes the period of time where the beginning of the universe and life began on the planet Earth. History, on the contrary, has events and important circumstances that are well documented and accounted.

    Another important distinction between the two is how they are recognized. Prehistory is commonly recognized as the time when ancient men opt to use sticks and stones to write and draw symbols on walls and stones. History, on the contrary, are privileged enough to use pencil or pen and paper to record events and be referred to once they have already taken place.

    In this light, it can be implied that historical accounts are more reliable compared to prehistorical findings since there are written evidences which can support any given data pertaining to the past.

    Over the years, accounts from history and prehistory have made significant impact to the developments of the world. Regardless of their differences, the accounts that have been discovered during pre-historical and historical periods have evidently provided man to discover how existence of living beings came to be as well as how the living and the nonliving developed over time.

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