Difference between HGH and Steroids

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Difference between HGH and Steroids

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  1. daniel

    HGH stands for human growth hormones and they are the hormones present inside the body that are necessary for optimal development and growth. Even though many people wrongly believe that steroids and HGH are the same, they are quite different. The only similarity is that the two function as growth hormones.

    Steroids are artificial chemical substances meant for replicating testosterone. There are several health problems that steroids are recommended to treat. However, young children and those without prescription are not supposed to take steroids. In fact, it is illegal for adults to take steroids without a doctor’s prescription. There are two forms of steroids, androgenic and anabolic. The former enhances the development of sexual characteristics of males, while the latter is designed to promote muscle and skeletal growth.

    When anabolic steroids are consumed, they can quickly build muscle, boost performance and sometimes enhance appearance. This steroid works through allowing the user’s body to fully retain all the protein required for growth of the muscles, bone and skin. It is worth noting that while steroids have highly tempting effects, they are associated with dangerous side effects.

    Steroid use is very dangerous with numerous side effects, but HGH has more or less no adverse effects and the few experienced are easily tolerated. When it is taken in supplement form, HGH is absorbed easily and does not require injection like steroids. Hence, HGH is more appealing because there is lesser danger of infections being spread through the use of contaminated needles. Additionally, it is cheaper to use HGH supplements than it is to use steroids.

    The benefit of HGH use is that it is not an addictive drug like steroids. This means lesser risk of having the cravings and withdrawal problems that are associated with steroids. Furthermore, HGH is proven to be beneficial in preventing ageing and increasing overall strength and stamina.

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