Difference Between Heart rate and Pulse rate

May 3, 2011 by

What are the differences between Heart rate and Pulse rate?

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  1. katrina

    In the general aspect of health, one of the basic monitoring units that almost all people are knowledgeable of is the beating of the heart. As the major organ responsible for blood supply, the Creator wondrously made a way for man to be able to easily recognize any untoward occurrences by basically assessing the function of the heart, either by obtaining the heart rate or the pulse rate. For the common people, such terms bear no disparity from one another. However, it has been proven by experts that heart rate and pulse rate differ in certain specific aspects.

    One of the major differences of the terms heart rate and pulse rate is the location where such rates can be obtained. While pulse rate can be obtained in various parts of the body through the use of palpation, heart rate can only be detected through the use of a stethoscope or by monitors attached to the individual.

    Apart from being divergent in location, heart rate and pulse rate also differ in quality. In most cases, the heart rate is often considered to have a consistent quality of heartbeats whereas pulse rate can obtained a varied quality of heartbeats, which can be due to various factors present, such as quantity of adipose tissue on the pulse site or arteries are not prominent enough for pulses to be easily detected.

    More so, heart rate and pulse rate differ in reliability. Obviously, heart rate is more reliable and valid compared to pulse rate basically due to the fact that heart rates are obtained directly from the heart while pulse rates are obtained distal to the source of heartbeats.

    Regardless of their disparities, heart rate and pulse rate are more often acquainted to be one and the same.

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