Difference between Game and Sport

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What is the Difference between Game and Sport?

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  1. khristine

    Game and sport are English words which can be quite confusing but they can be easily understood by means of defining both terms and by presenting its core elements.
    Game, for one, is defined as an organized way of playing. Its main purpose is for entertainment, pleasure, and sometimes to aide kids in learning. The key elements for game include set of rules, challenges, objectives, and interaction among players. Games normally require either physical or mental motivation from the player/s, but sometimes it demands both. Some games are like exercise helping in toning body muscles. Other games assist in developing logical thinking, practical skills and in improving reaction time.

    Among many others, a game can be classified in three main forms that are video games which include arcades, handheld games, online games, flash games, computer games, and the likes; tabletop games with the likes of pencil-and-paper games, card games, board games, tile-based games, miniature games, and chess game as examples; and sports.

    Sports, in the same manner as games, are also enjoyable and structured physical activities. But to some extent, it has more competitive impression as compared to games. In sports, it requires its players to be physically and mentally skillful, dedicated, and plays fair because the main goal for it is to win. If not, the player will then be considered a loser. Some activities like certain card games and board games are at times considered as “mind sports”. But in general, when we talk of sports it mostly refer to activities that are physical or requires exertion of sweat and energy. Most sports make use of certain playing field or specialized equipment, and that there is an involvement of moral support coming from the community or sports fans.
    Sports is further subdivided into different forms that are physical sports, water sports, dancing, ball games, gymnastics, combat sports, motor and bicycle sports, racquet sports and many more.

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