Difference between Further and Farther

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Difference between Further and Farther

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  1. daniel

    The above words are very confusing since they are similar sounding terms. The main difference that can be observed is that the words have different second letters. Aside from this obvious difference, there are many other disparities between the two terms that this article will illustrate.

    Farther denotes things that are very far in space and it may also depict physical advancement. Nevertheless, further used like an adverb notates something extra to what is present. Whenever you utilize further like a verb, you are essentially referring to the action of advancing a certain action. In effect, further is considered as more abstract since it cannot describe a tangible or physical entity. Farther denotes an exact physical distance and using it means that you can precisely measure that distance. This means the distance can be observed and felt.

    In contrast, further may not offer a precise idea of distance. The abstract nature of ‘further’ means that you can use it figuratively also. This is best explained in the following sentence. ‘He was able to move further in his career following his countless victories. In the above statement, the distance referred to by ‘further’ cannot precisely be calculated using kilometers and centimeters. Here further is used metaphorically.

    Consider this statement. ‘She furthered her education.’ Here, further is utilized like a verb, which denotes an action. Hence, it means to enhance or to increase. It is simple to discern when it is utilized like a verb.

    Farther is basically an adverb and further too may be considered like an adverb. However, further may be used like an adjective. Additionally, both terms have the same meaning when they are used for referring to the notion of distance. The above differences between the meanings offered by each word should help English speakers better use them in their sentences.

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