Difference between Flying Ants and Termites

May 11, 2011 by

What are the differences between Flying Ants and Termites?

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  1. katrina

    Insects and pests are two creatures that are often not clearly distinguished from each other. Insects are basically tiny creatures that are natural habitats of nature. They thrive by depending on the natural resources that surround them. Pests, however, are considered to be enemies of the natural environment. They are known to destroy the natural beauty established by nature and mankind, such as household foundations, woods and even plastics. But for most cases, these two are often considered one and the same.

    Two of the most kinds of insects that most people are concerned about are flying ants and termites since they often find the best habitats in the household. Flying ants and termites are often referred to as similar but they are typically distinct from one another.

    One basic difference between the two is their body structure. While flying ants have a body that is divided into three parts, with a recognizable waist, termites possess a single body size that makes their waist not prominently observable.

    Another difference between the two is their wings. Flying ants are able to travel by air since they possess two sets of wings that vary in size. The front wings are typically larger when compared to the hind wings. For termites, however, they do have two pairs of wings as well but are of similar sizes.

    More so, flying ants differ from termites in terms on the materials they feed on. Flying ants feed on almost any kind of materials may it be living or nonliving. Termites, on the contrary, more often feed on wood, making them known to be highly destructible pests in the household.

    Today, flying ants and termites remain to be one of the man concerns that are being raised by most household owners.

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