Difference between Facebook and Orkut

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Difference between Facebook and Orkut

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  1. daniel

    Currently, there are countless social networking sites that people are using to stay connected. Orkut and Facebook are two social network sites that are in style. Nevertheless, the two websites have several unique features that make them different from each other.

    1. Appearance

    Facebook is considered to portray a more professional appearance. In contrast, Orkut is regarded as having an amateurish appearance. This means whereas Facebook provides a more finished look, Orkut offers an unfinished appearance. Most users have even said that the general outlook offered by Facebook is livelier as compared to the dull look of Orkut.

    2. Friend rating

    Another major difference that is seen between these sites is that Orkut offers a rating of every person, such as sexiness and hotness. In comparison, Facebook is the better social network site as is does not provide such a ranking. Orkut also enables the users to sort out their friends through using various groups like acquaintances, close friends and other friends among other groups. In Facebook, there is no categorization of friends.

    3. Applications

    Facebook has numerous applications that are not present in Orkut. More application developers are keen to develop Facebook applications rather than Orkut applications. This is because Facebook is a bit more popular than Orkut. Additionally, Orkut allows users to see the people who have been looking at their profiles, whereas it is not possible to do the same action on Facebook.

    4. Privacy

    In Orkut, users have no privacy as the website is open to all. This means it is possible to view an individual’s profile and see everything that that person writes down. In comparison, Facebook offers more privacy. The only time that you can see an individual’s profile is when that person adds you as his or her friend.

    In general, Facebook has more users and offers a professional networking appearance as compared to Orkut.

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