Difference Between Facebook and Myspace

Jun 4, 2011 by

What is the Difference Between Facebook and Myspace?

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  1. katrina

    The World Wide Web has evidently evolved with the changing times. As the world of technology advances, the use of the Internet has obviously propagated, even in the most isolated places one can think of. Along with developments in technology, many online hobbies have started to gradually emerge such as online gaming, various interesting applications and more popularly are the social networking sites. Today, almost all people have knowledge on how Friendster, My Space, Facebook and Twitter work. Evidently today, Facebook and MySpace have become two of the most well loved social networking sites that remain to exist, utilized and appreciated.

    While they are both popular sites for the primary purpose of socialization, Facebook and Myspace both possess features and characteristics that can highly distinguished one from the other. While Myspace emerged along with the launching of another kind of social site, Friendster, Facebook has just been recently launched and made available for a limited range and category of individuals.

    Apart from that, the basic difference between the two is their actual appearance. In gaining access to Facebook, one can notice that its appearance remains to be constant, simple and clean. In Myspace, on the contrary, its appearance can be personally be changed and the users personally can be depicted on their Myspace profile page looks like.

    More so, Facebook and Myspace differ in terms of getting the users the vital sense of privacy. Facebook is much safer social networking site to use since it is originally made by private individuals. Myspace, however, is more open to the public and can be easily unwrapped by any person gaining access to another person’s profile or account.

    Regardless of the cited disparities between the two, facebook and myspace continue to dominate the many places of the world.

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