Difference Between Economy and Premium Economy

May 4, 2011 by

What are the differences between Economy and Premium Economy?

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  1. katrina

    Travel and tourism are two of the most anticipated aspects, which is basically associated with vacations, holidays, days off from work and summer. In line with this, transportation is one vital that needs to be properly and appropriately planned and booked to get the best accommodations and services and to basically be free from any hassles. One of the most convenient ways to travel is to travel by air. Air transportation is known to be faster and more expedient compared to land and water transportation. In traveling by plane, seats being offered vary, depending on the kind of plane as well as the passengers’ preference.

    The most common types of seats being made available are economy, first class, premium economy and business class. Putting into comparison the economy and premium economy classes, the names they bear obviously imply that they are of significant variances.

    For one, economy is cheaper compared to premium economy. Entailed with the variances in their prices are the features and facilities that provide distinction between the two.

    In terms of features, economy class passengers typically receive the basic services that comply with the common standard of the airline company. Premium economy, on the other hand, are more commonly availed by passengers who want further comfort and travel leisure compared to what economy class offers.

    More so, the facilities found in premium economy are more adequately and comfortably organized for the passengers’ satisfaction. The seating arrangement in premium economies is wider and the seats are larger as well. In the economy class, on the contrary, aisles are narrower and seats are more closely arranged in rows.

    In today’s times, despite experiencing financial crises, many people still opt to get the comfort and satisfaction one desires, especially when going for a vacation.

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