Difference between Dwarf and Midget

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Difference between Dwarf and Midget

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  1. daniel

    Midgets and dwarfs are confusing words that are synonymously used in most cases. This confusion arises since the two words talk about vertically challenged people. Nevertheless, midgets and dwarfs are not the same. In fact, they are completely different from one another.

    1. Correctness

    You ought to be very careful any time you are using the aforementioned terms to refer to a vertically challenged individual. As such, midget is regarded as politically incorrect and it therefore derogatory connotation. In contrast, dwarf is not regarded to be offensive. Hence, it is better to use dwarf than midget when talking about vertically challenged people.

    2. Physical traits

    With regards to physical traits, dwarf is used to refer to short people who have a disproportionate body. A dwarf may have a regularly sized head with very small hands and short arms. In contrast, midgets are the people who have a very short body, but with a proportional body. Due to these physical characteristics, a midget’s growth does not have any associated problems, but a midget’s growth can result in disability.

    3. Causes

    A dwarf is an individual who suffers from a health condition known as dwarfism, which is a kind of genetic disorder. In contrast, midgets normally inherit their condition from one of their parents. Moreover, it could also come about because of malnutrition.

    4. Health problems

    Since dwarfism is essentially a medical ailment, dwarfs can therefore suffer from a lot of health and physical health problems. For instance, dwarfs can be affected by malformed joints and bones, organ disorientation or nerve compression. These conditions are not going to occur to midget individuals. Keep in mind that midgets are individuals who are in great health.
    While dwarfs can undertake surgery to correct their problem, midgets can only take proper nutrition and hormonal supplements so as to add a couple of inches in height.

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