Difference between Dolphins and Whales

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What is the Difference between Dolphins and Whales?

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  1. shiela

    Dolphins and whales are large sea creatures that belong to the Cetacea group. Biologically, dolphins are also whales but then they belong to a different group. To make the distinction clearer, here are some differences of dolphins and whales.

    The difference will become simpler if dolphins will be differentiated from a specific whale – the baleen whale. Dolphins are toothed-whales while the baleen whales have no teeth but only have row of plates.

    Dolphins swim faster than the baleen whales because it is more agile. Baleen whales move slowly because of the large bodies.

    Dolphins eat fish and large sea creatures. Because of their teeth, they can easily catch on their prey. Whales only eat small sea creatures since they don’t have teeth. They have a technique on catching the prey. They just open their mouths and let the water comes in. When the water is drained, the small fishes and food remains in their mouth.

    Whales are loners. They want to move alone but when they travel to other places to mate or migrate, they also swim in groups. Dolphins usually swim in groups because they love to be together. This may be the reason why people perceive dolphins to be friendly and sociable sea creatures.

    Dolphins can hear as high as 150kHz while whales can hear up to 20 Hz. Dolphins also use high sound to produce echoes because this is one way to communicate. Whales use low sounds because these can reach long distance underwater. Both these animals have sensitive sense of hearing because they could not see very well underwater. They swim using their hearing as guide.

    Humans perceive whales to be dangerous animals while dolphins are always portrayed as friendly creatures in movies. But then this perception is wrong because both dolphin s and whales are rather shy. It’s not the whales of dolphins that are dangerous but the humans catch and kill these sea creatures.

  2. Ally

    1.dolphins have teeth whales have baleen
    2.dolphins hear at 150kHz whales hear at 20Hz
    3.dolphins swim faster than whales

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